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Xml validating reader c

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I know what all the elements are going to be, and all except one is mandatory. The way is grabs errors is by getting the error string from a dictionary, where the key is the XML node name, and the value is the error message: The code works fine, but I cant help but think that I did more than I needed to.

For billing, it could either be credit card info or checking info, so I need to check the first child's name to see what the billing type is. I'm strictly speaking about how I'm reading the XML, validating data, and assigning values in this case. Is there a better way I can go about reading XML data and assigning values while validating the data?

You can use several different formats to validate XML documents, including Document Type Definitions (DTDs), XML Data Reduced (XDR) schemas, and W3C XML (XSD) schemas. NET Framework provides support for each of these formats, XML schemas arguably provide the greatest power and flexibility in validating XML.

I'll assume you have a general feel for how DTDs and schemas are created as well as why they are used.

If schema file path is included, then it doesn't complain.

Is there any way to tell XMLValidating Reader where the schema file is, or am I missing anything? NET 2.0 you should not use Xml Validating Reader for XSD schema validation, rather use an Xml Reader with the proper Xml Reader Settings e.g.

If the document passes the validation process, it will be parsed using the Xml Text Reader, and SQL insert statements will be generated to insert rows into the Northwind Database's Customers table.

This task is accomplished using the File System Watcher class in the System. Once an XML file is detected in the watch folder, it needs to be validated using the Xml Validator class I'll describe in this article.However it could refer to a URL, or some custom scheme.: Use the new unified C API for new XDK and Oracle XML DB applications.You can poke around in the document if you like, while the validation happens, but when I'm just validating I do a while(reader. I load the most-leaf node to load whole spec: I wanted an assembly that was self-contained and would hold all 64 of these XSD files internally as resources, and I didn't want to put them in a temp directory.I added all the schemas to the project, right clicked "Properties" and set them all to Embedded Resources.Is there any way to tell XMLValidating Reader where the schema file is, or am I missing anything?