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But what about some 'newcomers', are they just leaving this page if it doesn't open in 5-10 seconds ?
From PC Protection, you can launch a scan or an update, toggle real-time protection, or drill down for detailed configuration settings.

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Any works which contain material derived from this document must cite The Virtual GL Project as the source of the material and list the current URL for the Virtual GL web site.

You will want to make sure that your browser, OS, and virus scanner are all up to date with the latest security fixes.

Whether you manually run the removal tool or it runs automatically when downloaded from Windows Updates, you may want to view the scan results log to see what it scanned for and what it found.

The log file (mrt.log) will be found in the Windows\Debug folder.

The traditional method of displaying Open GL applications to a remote X server (indirect rendering) supports 3D hardware acceleration, but this approach causes all of the Open GL commands and 3D data to be sent over the network to be rendered on the client machine.

This is not a tenable proposition unless the data is relatively small and static, unless the network is very fast, and unless the Open GL application is specifically tuned for a remote X-Windows environment.