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Updating a datarow

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On the click of the Button the following event handler is executed.A loop is executed over the Grid View Data Rows and Check Box is referenced.Enter a few data in the table and click Save All to save the data. Ole Db Connection is used to access OLEDB data such as Microsoft Access.

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For this example the file will contain roughly 1000 records, but this code can handle large amounts of data. Column mappings define the relationships between columns in the data source and columns in the destination.

I was recently tasked with a project at a company to update an SQL Server 2008 database with large amounts of data each day.

The task at first seemed daunting due to the files exceeding well over 400,000 records and there were several that needed processing daily.

Besides, you also need to create an instance of the Data Table.

Other than that, you should also create an instance of the Sql Command Builder which is used to manipulate data such as updating and deleting data in the Datatable and send the changes back to the data source.