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(1) In 1997, a RILEM committee (TC 174) on SCC was founded.

Today, SCC is studied worldwide with papers presented in almost every concrete-related conference.

The proposed model was developed by testing more than 70 concrete mixtures.

The results showed that the paste rheology model is useful in designing SCC mixtures and reducing the extent of laboratory work, testing time, and materials used.

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) or self-compacting concrete, as it’s sometimes known, arrived as a revolution in the field of concrete technology.

The concept was proposed by Professor Hajime Okamura of Kochi University of Technology, Japan, in 1986 as a solution to the growing durability concerns of the Japanese government.

Better understanding of the rheological parameters that control the workability of SCC is important in developing mix design approaches and interpreting quality control test methods.

In this investigation, a parametric study was undertaken to evaluate the influence of binder type, (water-to-cementitious materials ratio), and coarse aggregate type and nominal size on rheology of prestressed SCC.

The rheological measurement of the 33 SCC mixtures investigated in parametric study was performed using a modified Tattersall two-point workability rheometer.

This work provides further evidence to the aforementioned correlations, with reference to a broad range of cement pastes and mortars formulated from SCCs, as well as employing a tool for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling developed by the authors.

The successful development of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) requires a careful control of rheological properties of matrix.