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Perl updating zone files

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When you save a placemark or folder from your Places panel you have the choice to save your content as a KMZ file or a KML file.This is similar to the way that web browsers allow you to save complete web pages, including images and style sheets, or just the HTML for a single web page.

Another difference is in the way the time is recorded.

This error can be caused by software programs or inadvertently or deliberately by a user to create a false time stamp.

There are also a large number of programs available that are designed for manipulating time stamps.

$ ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/ Africa/ CET Etc/ Hongkong Kwajalein Pacific/ ROK America/ Chile/ Europe/ HST Libya Poland Singapore Zulu Antarctica/ CST6CDT GB Iceland MET Portugal Turkey Arctic/ Cuba GB-Eire Indian/ Mexico/ posix/ UCT Asia/ EET GMT Iran MST posixrules Universal Atlantic/ Egypt GMT0 iso3166MST7MDT PRC US/ Australia/ Eire GMT-0 Israel Navajo PST8PDT UTC Brazil/ EST GMT 0 Jamaica NZ right/ WET Canada/ EST5EDT Greenwich Japan NZ-CHAT ROC W-SU are intentionally reversed for backwards compatibility with POSIX standards. Your Q here was how to change the timezone, which I answered. timezone or not that the SO A provided is accurate, but I neglected to include that here, since you weren't really asking about that, though I thought.

Instead you should be using a fully named time zone like @user3184706 - you've kind of made a mess here.