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Today your old dream to become a pirate is going to come true.Ship of the famous Straw Hat Pirates has docked at your local harbor. You need to seduce her before you could join the pairates' gang. Instructions Click between the three buttons to the left to dress up each character!

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I bet you could use this creator to make an anime version of yourself, your favorite singer, or your friend!

This game was made by Crysa, you can find more of her work at crysa.

All creations should be credited to Crysa with a link to her website!

3) Gain money at the academy by teaching, the flower shop by working the cash register, and the town hall by doing missions, each cost hp.

4) If you lose all your hp but still have chakra, go to the hot springs and select invigorate (it takes one of your chakra bars and makes it into 20 hp) and if you run out of chakra and still have hp goto the hot springs but this time click relax ( it will take 20 hp and make it into a chakra bar).