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"But before that we have Stoke (this Sunday), so let us concentrate on Stoke because it is another poisoned gift because Stoke is not what the table says.

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Developed and curated by International House Philadelphia curator Jesse Pires, the series spans mainstream erotic hits like "Deep Throat" to the experimental films of feminist filmmaker Barbara Hammer.

The eight essential films of the sexual revolution, according to Pires, are listed below.

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Year after year, we continue our legacy of introducing international art and culture to Philadelphia, while at the same time acclimating our residents to the American way of life.

Back in the 1950s, it was unusual to see two married adults sleep in the same bed, let alone witness an orgy filled with bodies, lust and sexual exploration.

International House Philadelphia has a critical three-fold mission: to maintain a diverse and welcoming community for scholars from around the world, while introducing them to the American experience; to broaden the horizons of its residents and the Greater Philadelphia community through high quality international arts and humanities programs; and to encourage understanding, respect, and cooperation among the people of all nations.

Canary Promotion is providing full-service media relations for the month-long film series, which includes rare screenings, talks by noted film critics and historians, and personal appearances by some of the original filmmakers."I wanted to look at commercial and mainstream cinema and also underground and experimental cinema and see how underground films were pushing the boundaries, and how commercial cinema responded to that.Flex tampon accomplishes this by featuring a curved, disc -like design similar to other menstruation products like the Mooncup.The film is so rare, Metzger is delivering it to Philadelphia himself." "This Serbian fiction/documentary hybrid was banned in its home country, and its director was exiled from Serbia for 17 years because of it." Pires hopes his festival will showcase how commercial and experimental films reacted with and against each other to push the genre forward."A lot of these films I was watching from a distance, chronologically anyway," he explained in an interview with the Huffington Post.Then the 1960s came, and the tumultuous peace and love decade ushered in a filmic revolution in which sexuality was brought to the silver screen like never before.